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About DaWanda


DaWanda is the leading online marketplace for the creative lifestyle. With unique products, do-it-yourself instructions, and matching materials, DaWanda is an alternative to industrially-produced bulk goods and is a port of call for people who appreciate the uniqueness of handmade items.

Since its foundation, more than 360,000 designers and creators have registered at www.dawanda.com, of which many thousands offer handmade items daily. In addition to items from various areas of the handmade world, such as fashion, jewellery, home, and children, there are numerous do-it-yourself instructions and materials on the platform.

DaWanda was created by Claudia Helming and Michael Pütz in Berlin in December 2006, and now has more than 7.3 million members. The company has already won several awards, for example as the most popular start-up (startup monitor of ethority GmbH & Co. KG), the Social Media Oskr (Social Media Week Berlin), the audience victory at "Germany - Land of Ideas", The German Design Award, and the International Creative Media Award for the in-house print magazine LoveMag.
Jason Green (CTO), Claudia Helming (Founder & MD) and  Niels Nüssler (MD), Fotograf: Boris Breuer

Jason Green (CTO), Claudia Helming (Founder & MD) and  Niels Nüssler (MD), Fotograf: Boris Breuer

DaWanda in Numbers:
- over 380,000 designers
- about 6 million products, with 15,000 new products listed daily
- 7,3 million members
- 200 staff members from 20 different countries
- over 200 million page impressions per month
- 20 million visits per month
- 1.1 million fans on Facebook
- A bag is sold every minute, an item for children every 30 seconds, and an item of jewellery every 20 seconds
DaWanda Logo

DaWanda Logo

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