Extreme Knitting, shrinkwrapping & wire crochet - DaWanda Launches New DIY portal "DIY with love"

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Extreme Knitting, shrinkwrapping & wire crochet - DaWanda Launches New DIY portal "DIY with love"


Berlin, September 7, 2015 – Today, Europe's largest online marketplace for unique, handmade products launches a new do-it-yourself portal "DIY with love". Here you can find creative, handmade enthusiasts, from experts to beginners, with a wealth of experience covering all elements around the theme of “handmade” including current trends, new techniques and inspiring instructions. The extra-special feature is that in addition to any instructions, the materials needed are listed at a glance and can be easily ordered with a few clicks. The new portal reflects the diversity of the growing DIY movement, with seven different categories: sewing, recipes, knitting, crocheting, jewellery making, crafting and home improvements. There’s already over 600 tutorials online, with another 20 added every week. The sources of all this inspiration are more than 400 designers and creative people from all over Europe, and the instructions, sometimes featuring somewhat unusual materials such as copper tubes and shrink film developing, as well as old handicrafts with a modern twist. Especially popular is the current favourite, "Extreme Knitting", which features metre-long knitting needles and particularly thick merino wool from Australia to create, for example, cuddly soft sofa covers. 

”Doing-it-yourself” is no longer seen as a some ephemeral fad, but describes a way of life for generations. Passion for DIY always starts with an idea and that’s why our new platform tries to inspire through video tutorials, detailed step-by-step instructions and links to buy all the necessary materials.

explains Claudia Helming, founder and CEO of DaWanda

Current trends can be interpreted very individually and personally through the concept of DIY. This is why the new platform "DIY with love" also features a place to leave feedback and comments, giving the members of our creative community a place to exchange tips and inspire each other even further!
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